f∆RM st∆KE DeFi

A Social Capital System with an elastic supply.

reB∆SE is a programmable digital asset for yield farmers.



1.(verb) to establish a new base level for (a tax level, price index, etc.)

Why is reB∆SE needed?

  • Centralized monetary policy is failing us

    Traditional quantitative easing results in capital misallocations. reB∆SE's economic model addresses the failings of unilateral, arbitrary and politicized manipulation of the monetary base.

  • Misallocated assets

    Misallocation of capital is exacerbated by arbitrary unlimited issuance of fiat currency which has outpaced liquidity of legacy asset classes.

  • Digital assets are the future

    Online globalization has led to the need for stable and economically sound digital assets.

The reB∆SE solution

reB∆SE is a social capital system with an elastic supply.

Built on top of a secure decentralized ledger, reB∆SE is the basis for an accountable financial system.

reB∆SE is a dynamic asset built upon sound economic principles that encourages equilibrium with supply and demand, by having the ability to alter its supply. The process of altering its supply is called a "rebase" and this happens daily.

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Our Development Partners

development partner
Premier software engineering agency. Involved in implementing project requirements. Years of experience with decentralized applications and also enterprise.
development partner
Designated market maker. Has worked with leading crypto projects and maintains deep relationships with exchanges and their network.
development partner
Ferrum operates a vibrant ecosystem for cross chain swaps and a non-custodial UniFyre Wallet, an ecosystem which the REBASE token inherits via collaboration and integration into the Unifyre wallet.
outside general counsel
Anderson Kill specializes in complex corporate transactions amongst many other areas of practice, with Robert V. Cornish, Jr. retained as outside general counsel with deep expertise in transactions involving digital assets.