Technical Overview

reBSE is Powered
by Sound Economics.

reB∆SE mathematically adjusts the supply in response to changes in demand.


Being built on sound economic principles and programmable, reB∆SE encourages an equilibrium with supply and demand, by having the ability to alter its supply. The process off altering its supply is called a "rebase" and this happens daily.

reB∆SE is developed by a decentralized team around the world, and is open to community members and developers like you. reB∆SE is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and within the Decentralized Finance ecosystem.

How the Daily Rebase Works

The daily rebase effects how much of the asset that you own. A +25% rebase increases everyone's holdings by 25%, while a -5% rebase decreases everyone's holdings by 5%. In an efficient market, the price of everyone's holdings automatically offsets any benefits from the quantity change. The changing quantities cannot be construed as an expectation of profit.

While the daily rebasing helps the stablecoin become a stablecoin by reaching equilibrium, it functions as an uncorrelated asset, which is a coveted addition to the universe of assets. Rebase is powered by oracles, which determine the supply changes at 2:30 UTC, daily.

Although all owners of reB∆SE can be beneficiaries of a positive rebase, where the supply is increased proportionally for all owners, some owners of reB∆SE can be beneficiaries of a much larger amount of REBASE via the "Stimulus".


A second mini-rebase occurs daily which is made to stimulate behavior of different kinds of holders by granting them an always-positive rebase. Various models are being experimented with, follow our announcements for more details.

fRM & Liquidity Incentives

Large supply increases can outpace demand, unless supply was constricted by other incentives after the adaptive easing, or rebase. Therefore, reB∆SE will also have an accompanying staking model allowing for "yield farming", simple called the f∆rm.

Owners of reB∆SE have an incentive to launch and add liquidity to Uniswap pools, and keeping their liquidity locked by deposit into the reB∆SE farm, which offers an additional way to increase your yield over a yield curve. The farm allows deposits from all of the asset's Uniswap liquidity pools.

Community liquidity paired with reB∆SE's novel farm create sustainable alignments with holders.

This project and economy generates a vibrant market of participants and seeds interest in the rebasing system.


Development Timeline

July 2020 White Paper Released

Organization comes out of stealth

July 2020 Initial site launched

Landing page is launched with basic information and concept, communities are created

August 2020 Initial Token Generated

The elastic supply token of the reB∆SE system is called REBASE. This is its ticker symbol

September 2020 Initial Token Distributed

Token distributed to initial buyers and strategic supporters

2020 Q4 Rebasing enabled

The token will be upgraded to the production version with the rebasing functionality, and this will be available to all owners of prior versions of the reB∆SE token, and coordinated with any community services that have begun trading in reB∆SE

2020 Q4 Stimulus enabled

Initial economic model of stimulus becomes available

2020 Q4 f∆rm Launch

The f∆rm is launched to incentivize the first community liquidity pools on Uniswap and other composable DeFi applications

2021 f∆RM upgrades

Additional features of the f∆RM will be rolled out to encourage locking supply for longer periods of time and the community providing liquidity to the community

2021 DeFi upgrades

Incorporate changes in the DeFi ecosystem into the reB∆SE ecosystem